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Natural Stone


Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone is exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures beneath the earth’s crust. When the calcite forming the limestone recrystallizes during the metamorphic process it becomes denser and colors and veining patterns emerge. Marble is valued for its prestigious look and feel, and is available in hues of solid white, solid black, and a variety of color spectrums.


Granite is made by natural forces and each slab is unique. Heat-resistant and durable, most granite is sturdy as a surface. Granite is porous, given its veiny and interlacing composition of crystals, and unaddressed spills of oils and acids may discolor the stone and form crystals within its pores. Granite is a durable and uniquely beautiful option for customers who can commit to yearly sealing and are attentive to the cleanliness of their surface.


Sometimes overlooked in the stone family, Quartzite’s soft lines and texture are fluid and inviting, like gentle ocean waves. It’s an elegant option and equal to the highest quality alternatives. Quartzite is one of the hardest stones available. It is slightly harder than granite, ranking close to a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. With similar colorization and veining as marble, it is one of the more sought after natural-stone slabs and is found in homes across the globe.


Limestone countertops can be made from either limestone slabs or limestone tiles. The limestone slabs are solid pieces of the stone that are installed as countertops while the tiles serve as decoration material over a base countertop. The countertops made up of slabs are more durable than the tile ones. It is usually found in neutral colors and light tones which help in reflecting the sunlight due to which this stone remains cool even in extremely hot weather. Limestone is quite tough but due to its porous structure, it requires care. You need to get your limestone sealed by a stone professional before or after installation so that nothing seeps into its structure.


Soapstone is the material of choice for countertops designed to take a beating. A durable and hardworking natural stone that is virtually maintenance free. Soapstone is dense and nonporous; it does darken when liquid pools on its surface, but it lightens back up when the liquid evaporates or is cleaned off. The density of soapstone makes it an amazing conductor of heat, which enables it to withstand very high heat with no damage.You can put hot pans right on the surface without worry. Soapstone is available in a range of shades on a sliding gray scale, some with blue or green undertones.